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 ePowerHouse Version 2 Released

ePowerHouse/WMS allows you to:

View real-time data about your warehouse through a web browser
Provide your 3PL customers with a means to view their inventory
Give 3PL customers a way to enter receipts & orders over the Internet

ePowerHouse provides secure access to inventory and order data from any Internet connection, anywhere in the world. Clients of 3PL warehouses can check their product's status and enter in orders and expected receipt information through their favorite browser. The 3PL operation does not need to worry about supplying the client with a copy of the WMS and training in its use for the client to be able to monitor their inventory.

The security features embedded in the application ensures that when you grant a client access to the system, they are only allowed to view data relating to their own inventory.

The latest version of ePowerHouse features improved navigation and a cleaner appearance. Like the previous incarnations of ePowerHouse, this version is also built with Java technology, however, in this version, all objects are created from the Java foundation, making additions, changes and customizations across all screens easier to implement.

ePowerHouse provides the best features of both web and Windows applications. Convienent, dynamic Windows-style menus allow users to find the information they need quickly. Abundant hyperlinks allow you to quickly jump to screens showing additional relevant data.

The ePowerHouse extensions to the PowerHouse/WMS Warehouse Management System application suite allows users to search for and view data about inventory, orders, receipts and locations through their favorite web browser.
3PL warehouse operations can provide their clients with a view of their inventory.

ePowerHouse allows you to view:

Order information
Items on order lines
Receipt information
Items on receipt lines
Carrier information
Customer ship-to information
Items in locations

ePowerHouse also allows you or your clients to enter in order and receipt information, an ideal solution for 3PL companies whose clients may not be able to afford the service charges involved with EDI exchange or the cost of additional WMS terminal setup, training and dedicated line charges.

ePowerHouse search screens provide the same comprehensive search criteria that the Windows desktop client provides, allowing any regularly performed search to be replicated on the web version. Once the results are returned, the user has more options of where to go next than they do with the Windows desktop client.

In the order inquiry screens, once the results of a search have been returned, the user can click on the Details... or an order number to view more information about the order (the ship-to and bill-to addresses, carrier, etc) or they can click the warehouse, owner or carrier IDs to view details about the specified carrier, the owner of the items on the order or the warehouse the items are stored in.

The same type of functionality exists for receipts, carriers, items, customers and the other objects covered by ePowerHouse.

Users of ePowerHouse can also jump to screens that display the lines on an order, which will show what was ordered and how much is required. From the order lines screen, hyperlinks in the results will allow a user to view more details about a particular order line, information on the order header itself, and details about the owner, warehouse and item involved on the order line.

In addition to being able to view basic information about an item, ePowerHouse also allows you to jump directly to detailed breakdowns of item availability by location, warehouse and lot or to see all of the orders or receipts that involve an item.

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