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New Functionality
Version 7.2 introduces an Auto-Process Server that can be used to schedule the generation of reports, order processing waves and cycle counts. Profiles can be created that specify the periodicity and nature of the desired reports, waves and counts. Blackout periods for weekends and holidays can be specified so that work and reports are not being created when no one is available to act upon them.

User productivity reporting capabilities have been expanded to provide a much more accurate assessment of performance.

An improved, user-configurable application interface service is now available. While PowerHouse has always provided users with an extremely powerful and flexible set of interface tools, the new version allows trained users to add and modify interface touchpoints with an unparalleled amount of ease.

Application Optimizations
Most of the standard processes within the system have been optimized, resulting in as much as a 30-40% gain in performance.

Improvements to Receiving
Several new cross-docking steps have been introduced to provide cross-docking of ASN shipments, cross-docking of carton ID'd and serialized product, cross-docking to fill min/max requirements (without needing pending restocks) and allowing users to sort the contents of a container onto uniform pallets during receiving.

New items can be created on the fly during the receiving process, taking their configuration values from the defaults applied to the class of items to which the new item belongs.

Improved Truck Handling
The integrated FreightQuote components can now be used for pre-rating shipments and truck scheduling.

Production Management
PowerHouse now offers a more advanced method of tracking component lot IDs with production run batches to facilitate lot based recalls relating to component items.

General Enhancements
Ability to set item/location assignments and min/max levels through an RF device.

Additional actionable custom fields have been added to many tables, allowing clients to use these fields for whatever purposes they deem necessary while still allowing the system to take the information into account during put-away, restocking and order processing.

Several new screens have been added into RF which allow, among other things, overpacking of cartons, manually weighing shipping pallets and individual piece repacking.

Pallet and carton license plate labels can now be generated from within the application. PowerHouse maintains a record of the last ID used and will resume printing the next batch with the next available ID.

Input into RF entry fields can now be controlled through the use of edit masks to ensure correct date, text and other formats


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